How to earn in liquidity pools with AgroDealLab token ?
By providing your liquidity to the pool, you earn on the fact that traders use your liquidity for trading.
Your income is made up of:
Pool fees: 0.5% from each transaction. Income depends on the volume of trading in the pool.

An example of earning on the pool commission (liquidity mining)
This earning strategy is called “liquidity mining”. Suppose you have 50% liquidity of the entire pool. A trader makes an exchange of 1000 USDT for 10 AgdLab, while paying a swap fee of 0.5% of the sold coin, that is, 5 USDT (1000/100*0.5). Since you have half of all liquidity, you have earned 5 USDT.
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Data for replenishing a cryptocurrency wallet
* We only accept USDT, Ethereum, BNB, BUSD

from 01.01.2022 to 31.05.2022
Token exchange rate 0.008 USD = 1 AgroDealToken (with 30% discount of face value)

from 01.06.2022 to 01.08.2022
Token exchange rate 0.03 USD = 1 AgroDealToken (with a 20% discount of face value)
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