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AgroDeal, registered in Ukraine in 2018 is a Business - Analytical Company aimed at effective integration of agriculture and high technology.
Having launched the MVP of AgroDealPro mobile app in 2018, with the help of more than 500 tested farmers, we have identified a lot of clear problems in agriculture requiring new technological solutions that will increase the efficiency of agribusiness and reduce the environmental damage caused by the amount of fuel consumed and the expansion of farmland.
There are a lot of problems in agriculture at different levels and we can't promise to solve all of them, but there are some that we can certainly do!
For example:
- The regular need of medium and small agricultural producers to rent missing equipment;
- Lack of own funds to provide a full technopark for small businesses;
- Monitoring of agricultural land and agricultural equipment;
- The lack of a single convenient and simple marketplace;
- The need of agricultural producers in a simple and accessible exchange mechanism, ensuring safe purchase/sale transactions.


Implementation of the objectives of the AgroDeal Pro project will allow to:
- make it easier to solve the problems of leasing equipment for agricultural producers;
- add a new platform for trading agricultural products and equipment;
- conduct monitoring of land for purchase, sale and rent;
- conclude Smart contracts, which will make it possible to sell products around the world.


To modernize and popularize the AgroDeal Pro application, we decided to carry out a Pre-ICO to raise the investments we need to implement blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in the agricultural industry. Using blockchain technology, we are implementing smart contracts that will require AGD Lab tokens from farmers
We plan to achieve success in our goals through quality technical implementation of the software, effective development measures and popularization of the token.

Project roadmap
January 2015
- February 2018
Doing business in the field of agriculture, gaining experience and understanding the main problems of agricultural producers.
February 2018
Formation of the first Terms of Reference for the development of a mobile application
Start of development of the first version of the blockchain platform.
May 2018
Registration of a legal entity - LLC "AGRODEAL PRO", Development of project documentation, - logo, design style and promotional materials
June 2018
Creation of the first prototype of a mobile application
October 2019 -
November 2019
Participation in agricultural exhibitions:
  • Agroit forum 2019
  • Agrocomplex 2019
  • Agritechnica 2019 in Hannover, Germany
June - July 2021
Making a decision on financing a project using ICO, Development of WP and related materials
January 2022
- April 2022
April 2022
Listing tokens on at least two crypto exchanges
May - July 2022
Creating a new MVP application
May 2022 - October 2022
Completion of the development of a mobile application
November 2022
Release of a ready-made application and entry into the German market
Popularization of tokens and development of partner projects
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Data for replenishing a cryptocurrency wallet
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from 01.01.2022 to 31.05.2022
Token exchange rate 0.008 USD = 1 AgroDealToken (with 30% discount of face value)

from 01.06.2022 to 01.08.2022
Token exchange rate 0.03 USD = 1 AgroDealToken (with a 20% discount of face value)
Mobile app
AgroDeal PRO combines your data in one mobile application. The system allows you to conveniently manage all aspects of your agricultural business.
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